Wet Weather Wollongong Wedding.

         The thought of it raining on your wedding day is either your main worry or you haven't even thought about it. You can either run with it, or freak out and let the photographer get everything organised. And as the photographer, we ALWAYS have a back up plan. But here are some tips for your big day, for those just incase moments.

Who to call? Where to go?

      Make sure you contact your venue where your reception is going to be held. Most of the time, they have gone through this kind of situation before and always have a back up. Has Mum, Dad, Aunty, Grand parent or friend got an awesome house you might be able to "borrow" for an hour? Contact your favorite local restaurant And ask if they might be able to squeeze you in. 

    After the ceremony is sorted. And the rain hasn't cleared up. I will contact local, pubs, bars, theaters that we may be able to borrow for a short amount of time. There are plenty in the Illawarra/Wollongong Area that will lend a hand.

  For the Bride and Groom- If the rain hasn't eased off, and you want that special golden sunset. We can get all dressed up and do it again. I want my brides and grooms to not think they are missing out on their special photos together, as a couple. 

We always have a back up.