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Lets have fun, get to know each other and have the best day EVER!!

 The laughter, the tears and the unseen emotions that flood everywhere with joy, there is little in this world that can compare to this amazing day. And the right photographer is just exactly what you need to help you transform and preserve those magical moments forever.

I am Alyce and wedding photography is my passion; and as a wife and mother, I absolutely love capturing the real, candid and romantic moments of weddings. From my own wedding day experience, I can say that I have a first-hand knowledge of where to look and when so as to get you the perfect moment captured.

My approach to photographing your wedding day is very family oriented; I know today is your day and you are the star, but it is the people that came all the way to celebrate with you that really make you shine so bright. The location of the wedding and all that is happening is all part of what will make the memories an unforgettable one and I will be there to make sure nothing misses my lens.


Weddings Pricing and Packages

My approach to weddings is pretty simple. Be crazy inlove with each other. Remember to have fun, dance and enjoy your day. I am a candid, romantic and fun photographer. If you need help with choosing locations where to shoot, I've got your back. I always go to my venues/locations to search for the best spots for photos before your day.   To find out more about my weddings and to ask for a price click below to email me your request. 

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About me..

So you NEED to know who you will be "online chatting" to for the next year or two. So here I am. I'm Alyce, a mother and wife. From the South Coast of NSW, a place called Wollongong. I am a self taught wedding and family photographer. My obsession for photography started after my son Parker, was born about 3.5 years ago. I am previously a hairdresser by trade which I think has helped me in this business. I always find a way to relate to my clients. My goal is to make sure you guys are 100% relaxed, and so you pretty much have forgotten I am even snapping you. I love the beach, coffee, yoga and I don’t mind a little bit of shopping in there too.


Family Photography

Thinking about family photography? My ideal families are the ones where the kids are good for about 10 minutes, then they crack it and are over it. Do not worry, this is completely normal. Bring snacks, toys, your silly Mum and Dad singing voices along with you. With games like hide and seek we will bring those smiles back out. My family photography is 100% candid, real and fun. 



Here is more of my work. Weddings, families, maternity and engagements.

Here you will find locations all over the Illawarra I like to shoot at. I also love to snap in-home sessions. If you are after the posey, new born photoshoots- I am not the photographer for you. But I can totally help you find some awesome talent in Wollongong. 




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Zoe and David’s city beach + sandon point wedding.

The beautiful wedding of Zoe and David. Preparation took place at the beautiful Sea Cliff House, followed by bridal portraits at Sandon Point Beach. We then headed to the gorgeous City Beach function center for the reception.

AManda and Danials Mount Keira Scout Camp Wedding

Amanda and Danial laughed, cried and had a hell of a time at their wedding. The ceremony took place at Mount Keira's Scout Camp. Followed by their reception at North Wollongong Surfclub